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steirischer herbst
4 October – 4 November, 2001

steirischer herbst 2001 is opening with a speech by Gerhard Rühm (followed by a big party) at the Bautechnikzentrum of Graz University of Technology on 4 October.

The focal issue of this year's festival is the present situation of the subject: the self, that has long abandoned its self-certainties, but which, in view of emerging social and political developments, has also left behind the pessimisms of post-modernism, and which is developing a new, critical vitality. Many of the projects in steirischer herbst 2001 explore the possibility of identity in precarious conditions, between decline and resistance, between self-abandonment and self-assertion.

"Begehren / Desire" (concert première: 5. 10), the latest composition by Beat Furrer, follows the tortuous path of the Orpheus legend, the key model of Western music theatre; the piece circles around and reflects on the broken myth of the pair that was once Orpheus and Eurydice (performers: ensemble recherche, vocal ensemble NOVA).

The exhibition "ABBILD / DEPICTION" (opening: 5. 10, curator: Peter Pakesch) presents fifty positions ranging from Pawel Althamer to Heimo Zobernig that have made a substantial subject once again of the representation of the human being in recent visual art. Corresponding to this exhibition, "Gene Pool, Human Park, Leisure Body" (11 – 14. 10), a series of public discussions and speeches, explores the images of human beings that become visible behind the promises of biotechnology that are fraught with great fears and uncertainties (concept: Theo Steiner).

In "Ich ersehne die Alpen; So entstehen die Seen" / "I yearn for the Alps; thus are created the lakes" (première: 6. 10) the young Tyrolean author Händl Klaus confronts two people (Olivia Grigolli and Bruno Cathomas, directed by Händl) with the myth and reality of the Alpine massif, casting them back on their yearnings, that can ultimately only be fulfilled by death. Death, sexuality, homeland and Catholicism are the issues of the persistent writer/identity worker Josef Winkler – also in his text "Tintentod" (première: 31. 10), to be staged by steirischer herbst in an adaptation (director: Tina Lanik, performer: Adrian Furrer).
The improvisation artists from the Graz-based Theater im Bahnhof embark on "a kind of hunt for the self", in collaboration with Theater KLARA from Basel devoted to the postdramatic avant-garde: "Alle Jäger danke" (première: 19. 10, director: Christoph Frick) is a theatre experiment dealing with the relation of the individual and the public sphere, set somewhere between the playful ease of the Marx Brothers and the carnal directness of Paul McCarthy.

The tremendous international success of the production "Das Pulverfass" / "The powder-keg" (date: 19. 10.), which guested i.a. in Sofia, Hamburg and Prague, has induced steirischer herbst to rerun the play. Dejan Dukovski's "Reigen der Gewalt" (merry-go-round of violence) doubtless counts among the best literary self-portraits of the Balkans in recent years, and yet goes far beyond the regional context in Dimiter Gotscheff's oppressive production.

"Abenteuer in Sachen Haut" / "Adventures in skin" (première: 25. 10), a project by Peter Carp and Olivier Ortolani, sets out to make the voice of the legendary poet and reciter Dylan Thomas heard once again and to weave it on with the electroacoustic sounds of Olga Neuwirth. Closely connected with this production is this year's steirischer herbst literature project: "Am Anfang war der Laut" / "In the beginning was the sound" (date: 25 – 28. 10, concept: Ilma Rakusa) is devoted to sound artists, the border-crossers between literature and music. Among others, the project will feature music by Uwe Dierksen's band MAVIS, who have also created a "scenic concert" for steirischer herbst (première: 28. 10).

Music by contemporaries for contemporaries is presented by musikprotokoll (11 – 14. 10, programme: Christian Scheib), that is more than just a venue for presenting music: musikprotokoll is contemporaneity and technology, it is music and ways of life. "living room – the social dimension of sound waves" is thus the subtitle this year.

Gerhard Rühm has also often focused closely on music. It goes without saying that he is taking part in "Am Anfang war der Laut". In addition, a concert evening featuring two all-time premières and one Austrian première (date: 16. 10.) and the retrospective "VISUELLE POESIE VISUELLE MUSIK" (opening: 6. 10 as part of the exhibition tour) are also devoted to the "Professor of Border-Crossings". The Wiener Kabinetttheater is staging a number of minidramas as part of "not.tour.no – die kunstnacht" (date: 20. 10). And, to round off the festival, Rühm will be giving one of his rare chanson evenings (date: 4. 11.).

"www.literaturboerse.com" takes a completely different angle on literature (this project has been running since 31. 5). The literature stock exchange game, that turns authors into public limited companies and readers into investors, explores the inroads made by economic factors into the field of literature production. The LAIX, the Austrian literature share index, has already gone through some turbulent times. You can still join the "game" – on either side – until the end of steirischer herbst.

Information and tickets
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steirischer herbst information and ticket office
Sackstrasse 17
A 8010 Graz
daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
(24. 9 – 4. 11. 2001)

The programme booklet 2001 (376 p., ats 35; german only) is available from the information and ticket office, at various venues and selected bookshops. Last-minute changes will be posted on our website www.steirischerbst.at, which is constantly updated.

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