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"Hommage à Antonin Artaud": Postponement until 2002 due to new finds

In the course of research for the "Hommage à Antonin Artaud" show planned for steirischer herbst 2001, Cathrin Pichler and Hans-Peter Litscher, the curators of the exhibition, have discovered as yet completely unknown, unpublished material on Antonin Artaud's work at the Bibilothèque Nationale de France. In view of the fact that the Bibliothèque Nationale, other French institutions and Artaud's heir have, for the first time, declared their active support for a project on Antonin Artaud's history, steirischer herbst is now in a position to create a sensational new homage.

In order to do so, steirischer herbst has decided to postpone the exhibition, planned as a co-production with Neue Galerie Graz, until 2002.

Text vom 29. 6. 2001 © steirischer herbst

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