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Ich ersehne die Alpen; So entstehen die Seen
I yearn for the Alps; thus are created the lakes
A play by Händl Klaus

Regie: Händl Klaus
Bühne und Kostüme: Siggi Colpe

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Bautechnikzentrum der TU Graz (location)

Première   6. 10. 2001, 9 p.m.
Further performances   7, 9, 10, 12, 13. 10. 2001, starting at 9 p.m.
Duration   70' (no break)

"Ich ersehne die Alpen; So entstehen die Seen" confronts two people with the Alpine massif, with its legend and reality, its icy glaciers and its victims, thus casting them back to their yearnings and the reality of their life. The Tyrolean actor, author, film and now theatre director Händl Klaus wrote his first play for the two actors Olivia Grigolli and Bruno Cathomas, who have already featured together i.a. in Marthaler’s "Murx", in Kriegenburg’s "Othello" and Bachmann’s "Merlin" productions. In Siggi Colpe’s Alpine stage set, which also acts as a stand, Olivia and Bruno talk themselves towards death. And yet it is not a death frenzy into which they fall. They try to quench their yearnings, making various attempts, unaware that this yearning is fulfilled by death or silence. It is the path there – a knowledge gain – that the woman and the man must travel in the play; and this path – because Händl describes the yearning by way of the tragicomedy of the real situation, employing burlesque elements to talk about deficits – is at times carried too far and comical, naïve and loving.



> Sonja Bachmann: Zum Stück

> Heinz Schafroth: Die Kunst des Gewichtwegnehmens

ats 240 / euro 17.44, reduced ats 120 / euro 8.72"

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Portrait: Händl Klaus. Foto: Gyula Foclor
[Portrait: Händl Klaus. Foto: Gyula Foclor]
Szenenfoto: www.mrs.lee.com
[Szenenfoto: www.mrs.lee.com]