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Adventures in Skin
A spatial-sound installation for five actors and tape after texts by Dylan Thomas and a composition by Olga Neuwirth

Konzeption und Textfassung: Peter Carp Olivier Ortolani
Regie: Peter Carp
Bühne: Kaspar Zwimpfer
Kostüme: Gertrud Rindler-Schantl

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Generalmusikdirektion (location)

Première   25. 10. 2001, 10 p.m.
Further performances   26, 28, 29. 10. 2001, starting at 8 p.m.
Duration   70' (no break)

When the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas died in New York in 1953, a mere 39 years old, he was already a legend – at least in the English-speaking world: as a performer of his own works to full houses and as an author and director of "Under Milk Wood", his famous "Play for Voices". The cult figure Thomas, a poet who worked doggedly on his poetry, came to fame above all thanks to his recitations. Wherever the opportunity arose, in bars, theatres, on the radio or at universities, he lent his own unmistakable voice to his work: ardent, imploring, vehement and intoxicating, as though a power from other, archaic times were flowing through him. Peter Carp’s production sets out to make Dylan Thomas´ voice heard once again. On the one hand by virtue of the fact that original recordings of Thomas’ readings form the basis for Olga Neuwirth’s composition that develops on and overlays the poet’s “songs” with electro-acoustic sounds. On the other hand because the actors are created from the different voices of the poet. "Abenteuer in Sachen Haut" is therefore not least also a celebration of the human voice and thus a perfect addition to this year’s herbst literature programme, whose motto – Am Anfang war der Laut (In the Beginning was the Sound) – is equally a valid characterisation of Dylan Thomas’ work. Also see: The World of Dylan Thomas


steirischer herbst
Théâtre National du Luxembourg
Hebbel-Theater Berlin

steirischer herbst
Théâtre National du Luxembourg
Hebbel-Theater Berlin


> Dylan Thomas

> Olga Neuwirth

> Olivier Ortolani: Die Vielfalt einer Stimme

Hebbel-Theater Berlin
Website Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag

ats 240 / euro 17.44, reduced ats 120 / euro 8.72"

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Hebbel-Theater/Szenenfoto. Foto:Christoph Olinger
[Hebbel-Theater/Szenenfoto. Foto:Christoph Olinger]
Elisabeth Kopp. Foto:Thomas Leidig
[Elisabeth Kopp. Foto:Thomas Leidig]
Hebbel-Theater/Szenenfoto. Foto:Christoph Olinger
[Hebbel-Theater/Szenenfoto. Foto:Christoph Olinger]