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Never Stop the Action
Three days of action art in the city of Graz

KuratorIn: Anton Lederer Margarethe Makovec
Filmdokumentation: XXkunstkabel

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Im öffentlichen Raum (location)

Date   12 - 14. 10. 2001

Public comment has regained importance. As a counterweight to the Internet-based information society and inextricable global capital flows, the presence of the identifiable individual is in greater demand than ever before. Specifically in Eastern Europe, action, as an autonomous art form, has evolved; artists from Eastern Europe have ongoing experience in dealing with public performances. In "Never Stop the Action", artists will react to current social and political developments in the form of actions and performances at various venues in the centre of Graz. XXkunstkabel from Graz will accompany the performances and produce a 20-minute tv film, to be broadcast in several countries. An exhibition will feature documentary material of the performances in Graz and previous works by the invited artists.

steirischer herbst
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steirischer herbst
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> Programm 12. 10.

> Programm 13. 10.

> Programm 14. 10.


Veranstaltungen im Rahmen von Never Stop the Action

Never_Stop_Kamera_Skura. Foto:rotor
[Never_Stop_Kamera_Skura. Foto:rotor]
Never_Stop_NebosjaSericSoba. Foto:rotor
[Never_Stop_NebosjaSericSoba. Foto:rotor]