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Gene Pool, Human Park, Leisure Body
Lectures and discussions on biopolitics

Konzept: Theo Steiner

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Bautechnikzentrum der TU Graz (location)

Date   11 – 14. 10. 2001

To whom does life belong? The new “leading science” of molecular genetics has differentiated methods of analysing and manipulating genetic material. From the only seemingly banal foetal sex determination, to vaccination against cancer, to custom spare organs – the spectrum of feasible or planned interventions is growing. But who has the right to archive, manipulate or patent the human genome or genetic information of animals and plants? The aim of bioscience is to "program" life. Yet the biochemical foundations of organic life cannot be calculated to the same extent as the binary code of computer software. Critics of biological engineering are gravely sceptical of the enthusiastic, in some cases unrealistic, forecasts and warn us of eugenics or terrorism with biological weapons. Ultimately, the genetics debate is a dispute about world views and images of the human being. With this in mind, the aim of the speeches and discussions in "Gene Pool, Human Park, Leisure Body" is not only to analyse the state of research and its political and ethical implications, but also the metaphors, lines of argumentation and visual representations involved. Conference languages: german and english Simultaneous translations will be done

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Veranstaltungen im Rahmen von Genpool, Menschenpark, Freizeitkörper

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