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netART community congress

Dom im Berg (location)
mur.at (organizer)

Date   25. 10. 2001, 12 p.m. - 27. 10. 2001, 12 p.m.

ncc48 stands for 48 hours of non-stop information, documentation, discussions, reflections, and productions in analog and virtual space. the topic is "the internet in the context of art". Condensing information is the intention of ncc48, the congress is the medium. Over a time-line of 48 hours international artists, scientists, theorists, computer experts and the scheme-team will discuss, report and reflect on topics succeeding one another in a temporal rhythm and forming the "content back bone" of ncc48. There will also be concurrent workshops, chats, lectures and presentations of networkart projects. The locations of ncc48 are, of course, both real - the Dom im Berg and virtual - the network (http, ftp, irc, smtp, udp, pnm...). All the ncc48 events will be recorded, documented and published.

Kooperation mit
FH-Joanneum, Studiengang Informations-Design

Kooperation mit
FH-Joanneum, Studiengang Informations-Design


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