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Gerhard Rühm

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Generalmusikdirektion (location)

Date   16. 10. 2001, 8 p.m.
Duration   60'

With uncompromising persistence and against all trends in art, the author, painter and composer Gerhard Rühm has now been working doggedly for almost half a century on a work that already gained him the ironic honorific "Professor of border crossings" some years ago. This year’s steirischer herbst programme presents an example of how fervently Rühm has been searching with equal emphasis – both in the field of music and in literature and visual art – for adequate forms of expression that refer and relate to each other reciprocally. With "lullaby for sleepless nights", the anti-composition "from the last days of gotamo buddho" and the "threshold chronicle of the turn of the millennium" commissioned by steirischer herbst, Gerhard Rühm presents three specific examples of his "auditive poetry" that are meant to be seen as "tone poems" in the literal sense. See also: Inauguration of steirischer herbst 2001 VISUELLE POESIE VISUELLE MUSIK Verlier nicht den Kopf aus Liebe goldene hochzeit Am Anfang war der Laut



> Gerhard Rühm

> Die Kompositionen Gerhard Rühms

> wiegenlied für schlaflose nächte

> schwellenchronik der jahrtausendwende

> aus den letzten tagen gotamo buddhos

ats 200 / euro 14.53, reduced ats 100 / euro 7.27"

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