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Am Anfang war der Laut
In the beginning was the sound
Borderline journeys between literature and music

Konzept: Ilma Rakusa

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Forum Stadtpark (location)
Orpheum (Veranstaltungsort)

Date   25 - 28. 10. 2001

There is meaning even in the smallest units of sound of our language, and “sound-splitters” are among the most original producers of meaning in literature. We hear new meanings and we hear sound: for sounds are primarily and above all sound. They all work with sound: doyen Oskar Pastior and multimedia artist Gerhard Rühm, the author and saxophonist Jürg Laederach, the performer Bodo Hell, the word-dissectors Thomas Kling, Christian Uetz and Dmitrij Prigov, but also Barbara Köhler, inventor of a female odyssey, and Birgit Kempker who completely dismantles love in her spoken pieces. Hearing is the experience. Experiencing sounds and words in their acoustic-sensorial materiality, transported by the author’s voice, occasionally joined by a musical instrument and the band MAVIS. The live dialogue between language and music leads to a "Night of Improvisation"; a matinee discussion entitled "Homage to Ernst Jandl" is dedicated to a discursive investigation of the subject. See also: Abenteuer in Sachen Haut MAVIS ATTENTION: The programme has changed in details!

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> Programm Do 25. 10.

> Programm So 28. 10.

> Programm Sa 27. 10.

> Programm Fr 26. 10.

Free admission"

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Portrait:Ilma Rakusa. Foto:A.T.Schaefer
[Portrait:Ilma Rakusa. Foto:A.T.Schaefer]
Füllfeder. Foto:A.T.Schaefer
[Füllfeder. Foto:A.T.Schaefer]