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A dramatic concert

Konzeption und Komposition: Uwe Dierksen
Licht und Dramaturgie: Klaus Buhlert

steirischer herbst (organizer)
Orpheum (location)

Date   28. 10. 2001, starting at 9 p.m.; 30, 31. 10. 2001, starting at 8 p.m.

MAVIS, seven musicians from all over Europe, rallied by the trombonist Uwe Dierksen. MAVIS is pop music that dares to venture into the remotest fringes of harmony and tonality, with the aim of constantly renewing itself from this field of tension between construction and deconstruction. Because people soon tire of clever harmonies and beautiful melodies, good pop music can only work in the long run if it is constantly broken, but if this breaking is not perceived as a disturbance but rather asserted as a necessary and consistent process heading in a different direction. With maximum openness, MAVIS oscillates between funk, jazz-rock, phonetic fragments, aleatoric structures, soloist performance, and experimental, theatrical events. Images are frozen and create moments of poetry and ambivalence that, in the end, condense to become modal or harmonious compositions again. For the three concerts, in collaboration with the script editor and radio play author Klaus Buhlert, the performance will incorporate stage processes and autonomous lighting control as elements of equal importance into the general musical style. The MAVIS project thus moves in the direction of music theatre. Light, words, short stories, scenic moments, language, female vocalist and actress relate the different musics to each other. See also: Am Anfang war der Laut


ats 200 / euro 14.53, ermäßigt ats 100 / euro 7.27"

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